Harvester 96

The most flexible Cell Harvester designed to last for decades

The Harvester 96 is cost effective, simple to use, and designed to last for decades. Tomtec has been servicing and shipping the best in class cell harvesters for over twenty years.  The Harvester is a rugged bench-top lab instrument, designed to harvest biologics from a 96 well microplate or microtubes onto a glass fiber filter map in a small bench-top footprint.


Tomtec offers two versions, manual for small budget-conscience labs and a more automated version for high-end BioPharma labs and research facilities. The Harvester manual system is equipped with a simple push and hold controls interface, while the automated version can be programmed with up to 16 unique procedures. Both versions are based on the same core industrial design.


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Harvester 96 Product Brief

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One of the key imperatives of maintaining any flow-chemistry instrument is keeping pathways and collection sites clean. The Harvester 96 has evolved over the past 20 years with this key imperative in mind. Not only is there a fast and efficient automatic rinse cycle, but tips can be easily removed, ultrasonically cleaned or replaced in minutes. To ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation great care and thought went in to minimizing the number of internal moving parts. To that end, there are only five industrial-grade stainless steel solenoid valves, with a MTBF in the thousands of hours. The result is a robust instrument; where nearly all the units we have sold over the years, are still in service making it the most reliable and cost effective cell harvester available today.

Microplate or Microtubes contents are transferred via a unique and controlled aqueous wash cycle, designed to gently suspend adherent biologics. Each of the 96 wells is individually processed by a unique flow tip design which washes the well wall from the top down, while regulating well levels. The suspended material is aspirated from the bottom of the well and drawn directly into the sterile glass fiber filter map which is pressure sealed between a double “O” ring arrangement. Biologics are collected onto targets on a 8 x 12 grid with 9 mm centers making them quantifiable by a wide range of measuring instruments such as a scintillation counter.


The unique double "O" ring seal prevents cross talk between filter mat circles. If necessary, the user can easily remove the "O" rings and screens for cleaning or replacement.

Tomtec offers two versions, manual for small budget-conscience labs and an automated version for high-end BioPharma labs and research facilities.


This automated version is equipped with dual nine (9) liter buffer inputs that are flow controlled (i.e., buffer1 and buffer2). If desired, the waste may be sent to one of two separate Autotraps with high-level float control for HOT or COLD waste containment. The embedded micro controller can be programmed via the moisture resistant membrane touch key pad with up to 16 unique work-flows which can be saved and recalled on demand from nonvolatile memory.

This simple to use and maintain Harvester is equipped with a single reagent line (input) and vacuum line (waste output). It comes with a nine (9) liter reagent bottle along with an 11.5 liter High level float controlled vacuum Autotrap (to collect hot or cold waste). There is a simple four command push and hold interface for; (1) Pulse-Wash, (2) Continuous-Wash, (3) Continuous Aspirate and (4) Continuous Wash & Aspirate.

The Autotrap is specifically designed to be the safest and most efficient means of handling effluent from the Harvester 96.  If hot and cold waste need to be separated, two Autotraps are required.  Interlocked with the Harvester 96, the Autotrap has a built in mechanism to prevent operation when the trap is full.


Without breaking plumbing connections, it can be switched easily from the trap to the drain function, allowing the contents to be drained to a receptacle.  This eliminates the need to continuously lift to empty the container.

When the Manual Harvester 96 is used with the Autotrap, a blinking LED alerts you when the trap is full.  A TRAP FULL condition will inhibit the running of the Harvester until trap is emptied, but will allow completion of current program.

Tomtec offers a wide range of accessories and options for the Harvester 96.  This includes Wash Reagent Containers, our Safety Traps, and much more.  Click here for a full list of options.