Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) are commonly used in diagnostic, as well as quality control laboratories. Your ELISA workflow can be simplified and accelerated with our cost effective, bench-top instruments: i.e., the Quadra4 liquid handing workstation, the Quadra Wash 2 and our automated Plate Sealer. The Quadra4 with a 450uL - 96 Channel head and optional Indexing stage can support by column  (8) or by row (12) serial dilution, automating a majority of the ELISA workflow in as little as 30" of bench space. To ensure reliable results with excellent accuracy and precision, our Quadra Wash 2 provides the function of a high quality washing station in a small footprint. Lastly, our AutoSeal is used between incubation runs to hermetically seal assays for the next step in the ELISA workflow. Together, these three instruments can not only address the ELISA workflow with built in 25 assay stackers, but can be used as standalone instruments in multiple workflows, lowering instrument costs, saving bench space while maximizing laboratory capital equipment investment.


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