About Us

Tomtec has over 40 years experience in servicing the needs of the $3 billion dollar global Laboratory Automation Market.  We are focused on the development, manufacture and sale of laboratory instrumentation that accelerates the life science discovery process.  Our platforms provide best in class performance and value for a wide range of life science applications.


Whether you are processing or reformatting assays, harvesting cells for a scintillation counter, homogenizing tissue samples or evaluating the emerging art of dried blood spot (DBS) bio-sampling, Tomtec has the right solution for you, today.


40 years of excellence in automation


Since 1967 Mr. Thomas Astle has been the visionary force behind this Connecticut based laboratory automation company. With the successful launch of the industry's first automat microliter liquid-handing workstation in 1968 (which automated serology and virology detection processes - the predecessor of ELISA), Tomtec has been at the forefront of Bioanalytical automation.


Tomtec continues to conceptualize, develop, and manufacturing new instruments with a focus on accelerating life science work-flows at the highest possible value. As an example, in 2013 Tomtec took the leadership role in advancing the art of dried blood spot (DBS) bio-sampling. Working with both global and government agencies and leading clinical labs we have developed a suite of automated solutions that conforms with the Good Laboratory Practices work-flow.

Determination and focus


As a private family-owned business, Tomtec has the unique luxury of being able to focus on long term strategies that align with our customers' visions. This means that we can take a posture of listening and assessing customer requirements, allowing us to work in concert with our customers to develop solutions that accelerate their work-flows today.


One example of this vision is our continued long-term investment in the art of dried blood spot (DBS) bio-sampling. Today Tomtec is significantly ahead of the curve in understanding and automating the work-flows associated with this technology. With a substantial monetary and staffing investment in DBS bio-sampling technology, Tomtec is leveraging its four-decades of intellectual investment in automated liquid handling and applying that IP to automating DBS with state-of-the-art technology and best in class Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Quality is not a process, its a philosophy


Here at Tomtec, quality is paramount.  From how we answer the phone to assembling products and serving our customers, quality is at the core of everything we do. Our Total Quality Control process includes customer feedback on not only form, factor and function but on what we can do together to improve their work-flow.


Tomtec is an FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer, and has appropriate products in compliance with the EU In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (IVDD). Our quality extends to your laboratory as well. Tomtec offers optional validation (IQ/OQ/PQ) and FDA 21CFR Part 11 tools to ensure regulatory compliance.