Clinical Diagnostics

Tomtec is one of the few laboratory automation companies that can address an entire work-flow from tissue sample homogenization to serial dilution to determining cell growth and/or death rates. Our Autogizer2 is used to homogenize biopsy organ tissue for culture and analysis (DMPK). These tissue pools can be reformatted from screw top cryovials to 96, well assays with our  with GLP and full "chain of custody". Once in 96-well assays, our Quadra4 workstation can perform a wide range of pipetting work-flows that can be automated and shared with satellite labs. Finally the output from the Quadra4 can feed our Harvester 96 which can be used to measure cell growth/death rates.  Finally our Dried Blood Spot Bio-sampling technology can archive bio-samples for months and even years at 4 degrees Celsius.


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