Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

Whether you are using the Sigma-Aldrich - Empore 96-Well SPE plates, the Waters - OasisR Elution Plates or the 3M - Empore 96 Well Plates, Tomtec has the laboratory automation solution to simplify and accelerate your SPE work-flow. Our Quadra4 Workstation can pipette mid- to non-polar solvents and aqueous solution in the same work-flow. The fixed carriage head can support a wide range of tips from 20uL to 450uL as well as the Agilent Bond Elute OMIX tips. The Quadra4 is the only liquid handling workstation that delivers a programmable positive pressure and vacuum level for sorbent-bed preparation and the SPE process - delivering consistent results in record time at the highest possible concentration with zero cross contamination.


With the addition of a dual plate stacker and pick & place arm, it is possible to program a full walk-away SPE work-flow in as little as 30" of work-bench at a quarter of the cost of competitive solutions. Lastly, at the completion of the SPE work-flow, our Automated Plate Sealer will hermetically seal the assay for incubation and/or storage.


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