The Autogizers

Tomtec's Mechanical & Ultrasonic homogenization systems

The Autogizer and Autogizer2 are fully automated tissue homogenization systems. The Autogizers can accommodate a wide range of lab applications such as tissue homogenization, emulsions and suspensions, cell disruption, protein extraction and various classes of medical laboratory research.


Our Ultrasonic model can handle liquid volumes as low as 150ul and up to 150ml at varying intensities.  With five Ultrasonic probes specified by you, our engineers can design a custom system to meet your needs, and properly accessorize the Autogizer to address your heat and noise concerns.  For sturdier samples, our mechanical system can process up to 19 unique tissue groups with four or five variable speed cutters for a total run of 95 samples.


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Autogizer Product Brief




Durable and powerful, the Autogizer is programmed with a simple touch interface for any multi-step tissue Homogenization process.


Our Mechanical Autogizer can accommodate five small Pro Scientific Model 200 homogenizers, or four powerful 3/4 horsepower, 576 Watt Model 250  homogenizers, capable of blending the most sturdy of samples.  Each homogenizer motor can vary in speed depending on the protocol.  The Model 200 can run from 5,000 to 35,000 rpm. The larger Model 250 motors can run from 10,000 to 30,000 rpm.


For work-flows where sample temperature is a concern or when cryogenic homogenization is required, the sample rack can be fitted with a load & go ice-bath. As your Homogenization program progresses (between each lines of vials processed), the cutters can be programmed to pass through a (1) bulk wash, (2) organic rinse and/or (3) ultrasonic wash station. An optional wash & waste collection cart is available for waste containment.

Tomtec's Ultrasonic Autogizer utilizes Sonic & Materials reliable microtips and probes.


The Ultrasonic Autogizer comes equipped with five Sonic made Probes.  If you have a need for both ultrasonic and mechanical homogenization, Tomtec can modify your device to incorporate two ultrasonic probes, and three variable speed cutters in one platform.

The Autogizer2 is a fully automated tissue homogenization system. With its five variable speed cutters, it can process up to 19 unique tissue groups per run for a total of 95 samples.  The Autogizer2 is shipped with five (5) variable-speed, high torque, low noise Omni International brushless cutter motors, which can accommodate 7 mm (standard) or 10 mm cutters. The Autogizer2 runs under an imbedded image of Windows driving an intuitive graphical user interface for setting motor speed, duration, mixer depth and blade cleaning cycle between processed tissue groups.