Seal assay plates securely with zero cross contamination

The AutoSeal thermal sealer is a small footprint bench top workstation designed to hermetically seal a variety of 96, 384 or 1536 assays plates within a single run, enabling a complete walk away automation process. The platform is ideal for a wide range of work-flows from the elution of Dried Blood Spot plugs to incubation of ELISA assays. The AutoSeal comes standard with a set of plate stackers capable of holding up to 25 low profile microplates per run. There is also an optional second stacker for doubling queuing capacity.


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AutoSeal Product Brief

The AutoSeal


The plates are fed from the bidirectional stackers via an elevator mechanism. The fluid motion of the mechanism prevents plate contents from being disrupted prior to being sealed.  The hermetic seal is uniform across each of the wells, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.


The bench top workstation can support a wide range of rolled, thermal-set laminate stock and three different material classes; foil, breathable, and a clear seal. The AutoSeal’s pressure, temperature and time control allows users to precisely program the seals class, controlling adhesion and quality of seal. This translates to low levels of thermal residue on the plates and delivering a repeatable peel force, without sacrificing the quality of the seal.



The AutoSeal is provided with an intuitive user interface for programming temperature (from 100oC to 210oC) and seal time (1 to 99 seconds) for a fixed pressure.  The imbedded controller can log up to 10 user specified time-temperature sequences, accessed and recalled by simply scrolling through a numerical list on the built-in display. This one bench-top AutoSeal workstation can accommodate a wide variety of plate types and thermal materials within an automated work-flow, minimizing your time to discover and operational costs.