Harvester 96 Accessories

Model Catalog Number Description
96-20 Vacuum Pump Assembly, 10 cfm FREE AIR, 25-27 inches Hg Vacuum on High at "Blank Off"Pressure100-125VAC, 50/60Hz
96-22 Air Compressor Assembly, 25psi MAX, 0.5cfm @ Free Air100-125VAC, 50/60Hz
96-30 Vacuum Pump Assembly, 11 cfm FREE AIR, 27 inches HgVacuum on High at "Blank Off" Pressure100-125VAC, 50/60Hz
96-102 9 Liter Wash Reagent Container w/ Fittings, Connecting Lines, & Cap
96-110 Aspirate Extender Tubes (Beckman) for 1.0mL Deep well plate, set of 106)
96-111 Aspirate Extender Tubes (Marsh) for 1.2mL Deep well plates (set of 106)
96-169 Volume Check Test Tubes, Rack of 96 (All Models)
96-401 3/16' and 9/64' Hex Keys (For use in adjusting Head) (All Models)
022686-2 Soak Tray, Polypropylene (Used to keep the Harvester Wash Tips wet when not in use)
120505-02 Safety Trap w/Float Switch Assembly ONLY. Domestic Use Only
121166-01 Control Module Assembly ONLY. Domestic Use Only
121167-01 Safety Trap w/Float Switch & Control Module AssyIncludes: 120505-02 and 121166-01(Placed In-Line Between Vacuum Trap(s) and the Vacuum Pump - To Provide Additional Protection from Liquid Reaching the Vacuum Pump). Domestic Use Only