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The Quadra2 demonstrates the time-tested reliability of Tomtec's liquid handling robotics.  Constructed around the same proven quality of the Quadra320 design, the Quadra2 comes equipped with upgraded internal electronics and utilizes the same user-friendly software, and 450uL pipetting head as the Quadra4. The Quadra2 is a wise economical choice, whether you are a more budget-conscience operation or an established laboratory planning on expansion.


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GLP Compliance

Along with updated internal electronics, the Quadra2 leverages the same robust and accurate 450uL pipettor head as the Quadra4.  Our automated Quadra heads give users the most precise results for even the most complicated of laboratory protocols.  Click to view a sample of our Accuracy Reports and Performance Qualifications.


The Quadra2 utilizes a Timed Dispense, the patented feature of our air displacement pipettor heads, allowing them to blow low air pressure through the tip orifice under program control.  Utilizing the Timed Dispense function, you can clear the tip’s contents without touching the liquid in the plate.  This allows you to add the same reagent to multiple plates on the shuttle without contaminating the tips.


The Timed Dispense function is of extreme importance when pipetting both aqueous and organics.  You can clear the organic vapors with a timed dispense function, and then pipette aqueous accurately.  Other designs require that you stop and change tips when going from organic to aqueous pipetting.



The Quadra2 operates through the same flexible Graphical User Interface as the Quadra4, so you need not worry about investing critical time in learning new software.  New users will find the Quadra software to be remarkably user friendly and notice an immediate increase in day-to-day productivity.


The Quadra2 framework uses the same robust design that dates back to the original Quadra320.  This sturdy model has allowed the Quadra machines to work reliably for years.  The complex pipettor head is rigidly bolted to the frame, which assures the dependability of the Quadra by moving the microplate to the pipettor head.


To load a pipette tip on a pipettor tip pin, you must create a seal.  This is normally done with an elastomeric O ring.  Depending on the lubrication of the O ring, creating a seal requires a 1/2 pound to 1 pound of force.  If you are loading 96 tips at a time, 50 to 100 pounds of stress is required.  If the pipettor head has to move to the plate, it must withstand this substantial amount of pressure, increasing risk, while decreasing the device’s functionality, and your productivity.




Laboratories operating under the standards of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), as defined by Section 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations Sections, 160 and 792, requires that all equipment used for the generation, measurement, or assessment of data shall be adequately tested, calibrated, and/or standardized, and that written records are maintained for such compliance.


In conjunction with providing our normal service and preventive maintenance programs, we also offer an opportunity to receive as requested a factory replacement head which certifies that the head is working within factory specifications.   A continuing recurring program can be set-up to meet your specific needs based on your usage discounted accordingly for frequency.  Proper documentation will be provided to meet the GLP requirements.  For more information on our GLP Compliance Program please contact us at